An exhibition exploring the contemporary alchemical ingredients of Rust, Blood and Bone.
Modernity effects change on the land, its traditions and magic. As technology rusts, crumbles and decays, the land and the old traditions reinvent themselves.

Victoria Musson
Charlotte Rodgers
Katie Pollard

Sean Kissling

Sofia Mailis

Louise Hodgson-'Spirits and the Fae-the En-Souled Landscape.'
Amodali-'Liber Incarnadine-The Book of the Flesh'
Roberto Migliussi-'Beyond Blood and Bone: the one point meditation'
Cosmo Gardener- 'Hearing Voices/Unbinding Time: Memory,Death and Music in Practice.'
Fred Yee-' Animism for Westerners and Cross Cultural Spirit Contact: What's in your blood and where are you from?'
Victoria Musson-'The Sacred Landscape'
Andrea Kundry- 'The Daemonic Cultural Legacy of Antonin Artaud'. 

Smoke and Atmospherics
Marc Aitken

Strange Wine
Creatrix Annie

Opening Night
21st June
Dress as you will, but 'fabulous' is the preferred dress code.

Entrance to the Preview, the exhibition and to see the speakers and performers is free.
Everyone who is speaking or doing workshops is doing it for the joy of being involved in a creative event and no one is receiving payment or getting costs covered.
At the end of their generously given, art filled and inspirational time a donations pot may be passed or C.D's, books or posters sold.
If you can, please try and support these wonderful people! 
There is no seating here, so for talks and workshops, bring cushions or chairs if needed.

The world is rust. All that is built by man decays but more recently that decay denies rather than feeds the earth, sitting in mounds above it like a bulbous lord of discord and unease. Mountains of the discoloured, the discarded, the metal bled...objects that took us faster and faster until they eventually burned away.
This graveyard of modernity squats high above the layers of aberrant non progressive humanity- a humanity that moves forward on increasingly redundant feet. All such progressions are often a superficiality, an illusion.
Peel off the layers of rust, grind it down, mix it with bone and create a paint. Use this paint to mark X on the past using it as a point of transition, a gateway to what we choose to move into, and what we choose to leave behind.
We have witnessed progressions that are regressions...a Möbius strip leads us through the twist, the moment where we can walk into a past where the old power lies and carry it back to our present, waving it above us, a banner of blood smeared bone, of twisted corn and of hag stone that creates an atavistic reverberation as it smashes the rotten carcass of modernity.
We are not spectators, we are artists and creators. We hold the keys to unlock future vision.
We see a stark landscape littered with the ruins of this world. Fires smoulder as children weave through the desolation, holding aloft phones and laptops searching blindly for a signal.
The carrion birds circle above, journeying between the worlds, carrying spells and charms and knowledge of the plants and seasons that have been forgotten.
High on a hill, past the crumbled monuments of banks and government offices, past the swarms of information seeking drones that cannot recognise our language and never will making our arcane traditions all the more powerful, is an old barn, painted in the red that only comes from the alchemical mix of blood rust and bone.
We walk towards that barn, knowing we carry gifts of transformation.